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About the West 96th Street & Environs Pedestrian Safety & Circulation Study by Manhattan Community Board 7

The streets and sidewalks in the area of West 95th Street to West 97th Street, from Central Park West to the Hudson River, have been much studied in recent years to address traffic safety concerns. While changes and improvements have been made, there is a need for comprehensive solutions to the challenging and often unsafe conditions on the streets in this area. Manhattan Community Board 7 initiated the West 96th Street & Environs Pedestrian Safety & Circulation Study to address traffic safety concerns, increase pedestrian accessibility and safety, and reduce vehicle/pedestrian conflicts in the study area.

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Your input is requested to help identify problems and opportunities in the study area. Please submit your comments by selecting the following links to explore the intersections along West 95th Street, West 96th Street and West 97th Street. Using the Google Street View interface, you can focus on a problem or opportunity, and then click “Add a Comment” to leave a comment about it.

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